Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do mounting screws come with the product?
    We will note in our description if mounting screws come with the item.
  2. Can you match a part for me?
    An e-mail with an attached photo or a photocopy in the mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope (if you want the photo back) is the best way to contact us to search for your parts. Please note all measurements or provide a tracing of the item on a piece of paper.
  3. How can I tell solid brass from brass plated steel hardware?
    The easiest way is to put a magnet to the item. If it does not stick, the metal is brass or bronze, or rarely white metal. If the magnet sticks, the metal is iron or steel.
  4. What is the difference between a rim lock and a mortise lock?
    The rim lock is a surface mounted lock. The entire lock is visible because it is mounted on the exterior surface of the door. A mortise lock is mounted inside the door and cannot be seen. A mortise lock is accompanied by trim such as plates, rosettes or keyhole escutcheons.
  5. I have an antique dresser that is missing a drawer pull. Can you match it for me?
    Victorian pulls with the screws 3” apart on center are the easiest to match. The chances of finding a match are slim, but if you like, you may send us a photo of what you need. An e-mail with an attached photo or a photo in the mail is the best way to contact us.